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The SUN Award for Individual Excellence

What is the SUN Award?

This peer recognition award provides all ASU employees the opportunity to give specific and immediate recognition to fellow employees for demonstrations of individual excellence in such areas as creativity, continuous improvement, fostering cooperation, providing exemplary service, valuing diversity, and promoting ASU.

Who may receive SUN Awards?

Any ASU employee - faculty, staff, student worker may be presented with a SUN Award certificate throughout the year.

Who may submit SUN Awards?

Any ASU employee - faculty, staff, student worker may submit a SUN Award throughout the year.


How do I fill out a SUN Award?

There are three options for presenting SUN Award certificates:

  1. Paper SUN Award certificate, or
  2. Online electronic SUN Award certificate via e-mail, or
  3. Online electronic SUN Award certificate via e-mail and the ability of the submitter to also print the completed certificate and present it to the recipient face-to-face.

These certificates invite a personalized description of the act being commended and serve as a remembrance of the thoughtful and creative ways we work together to accomplish our shared goals. Simply describe what the recipient did that warrants recognition on the form. For paper versions of the form, the top copy should be presented to the award recipient, and the yellow certificate copy should be returned to Human Resources. For the new electronic SUN Award, simply submit the form and the recipient and HR will be notified via email!

ASURITE authentication is required.
Retrieve your ONLINE SUN Award!
If the link in your email did not work, or if you prefer not to click links from your email, just copy the Award ID from your notification message and paste it here to retrieve your certificate.


Contact Information

For further information, please contact Linda Uhley at (480) 965-5089 or To request additional SUN Award certificates, call (480) 965-4751 or send an e-mail to

Last updated January 10, 2011

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